The industry standard for design is about $60 per hour. Being an inter dimensional time baron, I'm actually pretty competitive when it comes to price, considering when you face the afterlife, the Gods that created me will surely note that you supported their creation. Design is just like tattooing, just about everyone has a cousin that does it out of their garage. Just like tattooing, you'll always get what you've paid for, and Ill happily fix it, which will cost you more so might as well do it right the first time. I spent most of my life wrecking my earth fathers computers,infuriating the poor man while taking them apart and then piecing them back together before finally spending a fortune to go to school in order to be good at this craft. Its not something you can take a class for a few months and call yourself a designer. Only a fool would assume that he could understand the complexities of all these programs in anything less than a couple years or a lifetime of learning from your mistakes.

Design & illustration

Illustrations and logo's blessed with fire and bathed in blood. Don't be a coward you cunt, hire the only Rock N' Roller left to draw that shit.


website design

The museum of code has grown cold. In its maze like depths, you'll need a quasi-hallucenating guide. Don't be fooled, the inter-web is a fucked up place.


publishing design

Werewolves tearing down the cabin door you once thought safe? Hire a mother fucker with a silver bullet slingin' gatling gun mind to break em' off some.