The ability to capture time and replay it on screens if a very special thing often taken for granted. At a young age I began recording everything, Ive logged thousands upon thousands of hours of film and video and love experimenting with 8 and 16mm cameras and film. I can do just about anything with pictures on a screen mainly because anything is possible. Its that magic that draws us away from our lives and into that silver screen. I intended to show you all those things with a reel of my abilities here at some point, but the truth is i probably won't. I can edit, do simple video effects and motion graphics, but for now be amazed by the video above of me facing off with myself and killing the me that doesn't dress well. I'm quite proud of the way my head explodes.

In the meantime you can check out my YouTube channel and witness my adventures in travel called "Yorkatron vs World." Ttraveling and working full-time plus filming and editing is no small task, I was able to lug around enough equipment to put an episode together every few weeks. Its not my best work, it typically was a rushed attempt to just document what was happening while on the road. Below is the trailer and probably the best example I have of editing to music.